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Awesome Features

Vidya Kalpavruksha platform has many amazing features for students, teachers and parents for great communication and overall efficiency. Many of the unique features will save a lot of time of the platform users and give access of important data on single click.

  • Shared Calendar

    Receive all the updates, notes, announcements, schedules on the calendar dashboard

  • Discussion forum

    Dynamic discussion forum for class wise discussion and Q&A

  • Exam Scheduler

    Schedule exams to notify students/parents and declare results with all the records and analysis.

  • Attendance

    Mark attendance within few seconds and see all the history of attendance class/student wise.

  • Virtual Library

    Share important resources and materials, paper solutions etc. in class wise library

  • Live quiz

    Participate in live quiz with fellow classmates and get instant result at the end of test with solutions

All in one ERP

Why You need Vidya Kalpavruksha App

Mark your school/college/institute as a digital by adopting Vidya Kalpavruksha digital platform. It has many amazing features and usability which you can't afford to miss in this growing digital world.

All in one platform for your Mobile App and ERP needs & 24*7 connectivity between students/parents and institute on a single tap. For sharing achievements, activities and photos/videos to all the stakeholders digitally.

Benefits Of App

  • For sharing achievements, activities and photos/videos to all the stakeholders digitally.

  • To save precious time of teachers, students and parents.

  • To save unnecessary SMS cost by using App based notifications.

  • Keep your brand in visibility by adopting latest tools and technologies.

Use Vidya Kalpavruksha App As


Send SMS to selected batches, students from anywhere at anytime.

Handy Attendance Tool

Mark attendance in the most effective way.

Communication App

Communicate with students/parents through push notifications.

App in One ERP

Manage your institute records and activities through our ERP solutions.

Vidya Kalpavruksha App

Lot of day to day activities and important information and reports are a tap away, accessible anytime, anywhere on your smartphone.



My Students are very happy to receive all the exam results and paper solutions on their Mobile app. My staff is happy to not rely on computer for declaring exam results and important messages.

Parents are very happy as they know all the day to day activities and homework updates on their mobile phone. Gallery album is amazing, as it gives lot of trust to parents about our activities.

Daily attendance and analysis is a tap away. I am happy to generate all the necessary student reports within a click. It saves a lot of time of our team. Thank you.

I am happy with their support. I am not good at apps and computer, their team guided me again and again till I got master of operating it. I will highly recommend their service. Go for it.